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After a young man abruptly dies in an accident, he grapples with an unfamiliar world of the space between death and rebirth.

DOLOM, 29, a passionate YouTube creator and newly appointed school teacher in Bhutan has a one-night stand with a married woman, DEKI, 32. When she discovers that she’s pregnant, Dolom concocts a plan to cover up the affair and save his reputation. On his way to rendezvous with Deki, Dolom gets into a motorcycle accident and wakes up in a bizarre, and chaotic world.

Slowly he begins to realize that he is in fact dead. With the help of a mysterious guide, Dolom navigates this in-between realm and faces his storied past and the consequences of his actions. As time collapses around him, he must choose to right his wrongs and let go of his attachment to his former self or be trapped to wander in a dream-like in-between state for timelessness.


"Such a beautiful movie. Sweet, sad and moving."

Martin Scorsese


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