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Writer / Director

Khyentse Norbu (born June 18, 1961) is a Buddhist Lama, writer and filmmaker from Bhutan. Known for his auteurship and guerrilla approach to filmmaking, Khyentse Norbu first emerged on the scene with his breakout film The Cup in 1999. Since then, he has made five other films and with such director of photography as Mark Lee Ping Bin (In The Mood For Love) and Oscar nominated Bradford Young (Solo: A Star War’s Story & Arrival). 'Pig at the Crossing' is Khyentse Norbu’s sixth and was shot entirely in Bhutan with a ragtag team of the youth of Bhutan.

Pig at the Crossing Cast and Crew Members

Cast & Crew


Kuenzang Norbu

as Dolom

Prasanna B. Hambarde

as Fortune Teller

Sonam Pelden

as Deki


Druksel Dorji


Sonam Adhikari


Neha Sharma

Assistant Director

Emily Avery Crow

Production Designer

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