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Deepti DCunha

Deepti DCunha is the Artistic Director at Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival.

I enjoyed the experience of the film. It started with a very engaging and interesting static shot which introduces Dolom and where we are piecing together the information of the circumstances he finds himself in. The theme of the film, about even the dead having to let go of their attachment of worldly purposes and sense of duty was very intriguing. The film focussing on Dolom's experience of his own death in a lovely tone of subtle humour, his confusions while seeing friendly wandering ghosts and the time that he takes to realise and accept he too is a ghost is accomplished with wonderful compassion.

The idea that the wandering dead have lost sense of time, that they refuse to let go of a longing for life and identity is a realisation of the need of acceptance of one's situation, which does get communicated

We all hope Dolom will cross the path and feel good for him when he does

The last shot of the clothes lines being empty is a strong metaphor of death and a worldly cycle coming to an end. This line will no longer have his washed clothes, as there is no body to wear them.

And yes, Dolom ( and us) seeing the pig instead of his own body ( a strong image indeed) just makes us realise, we do not know ourselves or recognise ourselves

The film was a calm and spiritual experience for me.

—Deepti DCunha

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